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Smart ID Mobile App authentication

Smart ID Mobile App makes two-factor authentication (2FA) easier and more cost efficient. It is used together with Smart ID Messaging that is consumed by, for example, Digital Access, which provides user authentication and access to applications, information and cloud services.

Smart ID Mobile App is very easy to use and supports push notifications. The iOS and Android platforms are supported, and for iOS devices Touch ID is supported. To authenticate with Smart ID Mobile App, the user then only has to press the smartphone’s fingerprint reader.

Onboarding of new users is easy and the personalization of the Smart ID Mobile App can be securely done online. Once users are invited, they can download Smart ID Mobile App from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. The user gets a one-time activation code distributed as a clickable link or as a QR code that is scanned by the mobile app. The activation process can be invoked either by an administrator, the help desk or by the user through the self-service function.

Smart ID Mobile App consists of multiple layers of security. Private and public keys are used. During authentication, the user must verify a random image in the mobile app and the target application to prevent against session hijacking. The user’s digital identity is protected with multiple encryption layers and device-binding. The mobile app is highly secured and protected against reverse engineering, jail-breaking, debuggers, and rootkits.

Smart ID Mobile App is also available as a software development kit (SDK), allowing for close integration with other mobile apps.

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