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Smart ID Mobile App for end users

This article is valid from Smart ID Mobile App 4.0.

Smart ID Mobile App combines online two-factor authentication (2FA) using push notifications and offline one-time password (OTP) authentication in a single mobile app. This article includes some questions and answers for the Smart ID Mobile App end-user as well as some common uses.

The Smart ID Mobile App user should have control over who is using the mobile phone or tablet and select a hard-to-guess pin code for Smart ID Mobile App that is not revealed to others. Smart ID Mobile App is a personal identity document and should be treated as such.

Set up one-time password (OTP) as authentication method

You can set up one-time password (OTP) from Smart ID Mobile App as the authentication method, read more here:

Log in to Office 365 with Smart ID Mobile App

You can log in to Office 365 with Smart ID Mobile App, read more here:

Install digital certificates

You can download certificates from Smart ID Mobile App and use them with other applications, read more here: 

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