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Log in to Office 365 with Smart ID Mobile App OTP

This article describes how to log in to Office 365 with Smart ID Mobile App one-time password (OTP), by using the Nexus Smart ID solution Digital access

For more information on how to set this up, see Set up access to Office 365. The access is set up in the authentication platform Smart ID Digital Access component.

Web application and Smart ID Mobile App on different devices

Log in with Personal Mobile OTP

  1. On the web application login screen, select login method, in this case Personal Mobile OTP. (Personal Mobile has been renamed to Smart ID Mobile App)

  2. Enter your User Name

  3. Open Smart ID Mobile App on the mobile device. Click the lock symbol in the top bar. 
    If multiple profiles are available, select the applicable OTP profile.  

  4. Use Touch ID or enter your PIN code to identify yourself. 
    On later device models, you can optionally use Face ID. 
    A one-time password (OTP) is displayed. 

  5. Go back to the web application, and enter the OTP. Click Sign in
    The application portal is displayed, with links to all your applications. 

  6. Click Office 365 and then select an application, for example Outlook
    Any application in the portal can be opened without having to log in again, using single sign-on. 

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