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Smart ID Mobile App overview

Nexus Smart ID Mobile App lets you use mobile virtual smart cards on your smartphone for out-of-band authentication to digital resources (such as Office 365 or other apps), digital signing, email encryption and visual identification. The app also offers offline one-time password (OTP) authentication. 

Digitalize your business

Today, most organizations need to offer their employees and other end users secure access to applications and information at all times and wherever they are. 

With mobile virtual smart cards (VSC), you get an intuitive and user-friendly two-factor authentication (2FA) method. They are also an economical choice, since most users already have a smartphone, which means that you do not have to issue and manage hardware tokens, smart cards or smart card readers.

Make it easy for users

It is easy for end users to get started with mobile identities. The user downloads the Smart ID Mobile App and enrolls with the online self-service functionality in Smart ID. To activate, the user scans a QR code with the app, and secure private keys are generated on the device. Push notifications in the mobile phone enable immediate communication with the user. For Q&A and step-by-step instructions on common use cases, see also Smart ID Mobile App for end users.

Manage the lifecycle of mobile identities

With the Digital ID solution from Nexus, you get full life-cycle management with self-service and automated processes for common use cases, such as to issue, renew and lock mobile identities for users. The solution includes an Identity Manager which gives a good overview of current users and mobile identities. 

Identify users visually

The mobile virtual smart card has a visual ID feature, allowing the user to identify visually.

The layout of a mobile VSC can be branded with a company logo and individualized with personal data and photo. The visual ID can also include a QR code for linking to digital documents or similar. Provision mobile virtual smart card with visual ID.

Ensure high security

The Smart ID Mobile App is secured by an industry-leading app hardening framework and code obfuscation. The private keys are non-exportable and secured by PIN or biometrics. The app has short release cycles and is PEN- and vulnerability tested. The PIN policy includes blocking after wrong PIN attempts for an increasing amount of time. The onlince authentication uses asymmetric cryptography and allows for HTTPS communication and server-authenticated SSL/TLS. 

For more information, see Features of Smart ID Mobile SDK and Smart ID Mobile App.


  • Industry-leading app hardening framework and code obfuscation

  • Strong protection of the private keys

  • Support for multiple mobile virtual smart cards

  • iOS and Android support

  • Fingerprint and face recognition

  • SDK available for embedding in third-party apps

For more information, see Smart ID Mobile App requirements and interoperability and Terms and conditions for Smart ID Mobile App.

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