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SP user interface in Certificate Manager

The Secure Printer (SP) in Certificate Manager client is used by officers to search for, sort, create, and print PIN and PUK letters containing secret codes within a sealed envelope.

For more information, see PIN/PUK letter tasks in Certificate Manager.

There are two modes of operation in the Secure Printer: search letters and create letters. 

Search letters mode:


Create letters mode:


Definition of statuses

You can activate a PIN/PUK letter by clicking it. Detailed information about the letter will then be shown in the Information pane. This table describes the statuses that a PIN/PUK letter can have.




A new letter that has been created but not sent to the printer.


A letter that has been sent to the printer keeps the sent status in the database until a confirmation is received. If the client is disconnected before confirmation this status will appear when reconnecting.


A letter that has been printed successfully and afterwards confirmed by an officer.


A letter that has been sent to the printer but the printing has failed for some reason and, therefore, the letter has been marked by an officer as not printed.

Additional information

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