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Upgrade Nexus OCSP Responder on Linux

This article is valid for Nexus OCSP Responder 6.2.2 and later.

This article describes how to upgrade Nexus OCSP Responder on Linux.


Upgrade to Nexus OCSP Responder 6.2.2 is only supported from version 5.x or later.

Upgrade Nexus OCSP Responder
  1. Unpack the Nexus OCSP Responder distribution into any desired directory.
  2. Stop the Nexus OCSP service.

    » service nexus-ocsp stop
  3. In <install_root>/lib:
    1. Replace all jar files with the ones found in the lib directory in nexus-ocsp-linux-6.x.tgz in the unpacked distribution.
    2. Remove all files in this directory from previous installations.
  4. In <install_root>/bin:
    1. Replace all files except nexus-ocsp.conf and with the ones found in nexus-ocsp-linux-6.x.tgz.
  5. If upgrading from OCSP 6.2.5 or earlier, replace the following line in nexus-ocsp.conf:

    SERVICEARGUMENTS="-p <ocsp-config-dir>"


    SERVICEARGUMENTS="-P <ocsp-config-dir>"
  6. Remove the property "-Djava.library.path" under JAVAFLAGS option in nexus-ocsp.conf file in <install_root>/bin
  7. Change the file owner of the new files to the service user that executes the service.
    For example:

    chown -R ocspuser:ocspuser /opt/nexus/ocsp/
  8. If not done in previous upgrade: Remove the SysV OCSP service:

    » chkconfig --del nexus-ocsp
    » rm /etc/init.d/nexus-ocsp
  9. If not done in previous upgrade: Install the systemd OCSP service by running the script (after running chmod a+x with options -d -p -P -u -g in the unpacked distribution. Use option -h to view a description of the above options. 
  10. Optional: Adapt the old configuration in <install root>/conf with the new functionality, described in the release note, in Nexus OCSP Responder. The reference configuration can be found in nexus-ocsp-6.x/config/ocsp.conf in nexus-ocsp-linux-6.x.tgz.

  11. Optional: If Java 17 is not installed as default Java:

    1. Edit the file <install_root>/bin/ nexus-ocsp.conf 

    2. Add this line at the end of the file:

  12. Start the Nexus OCSP service.

    // Start
    » service nexus-ocsp start
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