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Upgrade Nexus OCSP Responder on Windows

This article is valid for Nexus OCSP Responder 6.2.2 and later.

This article describes how to upgrade Nexus OCSP Responder on Windows.


Upgrade to Nexus OCSP Responder 6.2.2 is only supported from version 5.x, or later.

Upgrade Nexus OCSP Responder
  1. Stop the Nexus OCSP service.
  2. Run the file Nexus_OCSP_Responder.msi.
    1. Select the old installation folder in order to update the binaries files.
    2. The configuration files can be installed in a separate folder.
      1. Select a path, or
      2. accept the default location, which is %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Nexus\ocsp\.
      3. The installation program will not write over any existing configuration files.
  3. Optional: Adapt the old configuration with new functionally described in the release note and in Nexus OCSP Responder. The default configuration can be found in Default OCSP configuration.
  4. Start the Nexus OCSP service.
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