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Users CSV - Start-up guide

This article describes the steps that have to be done with the Users add-on CSV package in Smart ID before you can start to use the system.

  1. Upload the Users package in Identity Manager Admin, see Users - Start-up guide.

Step-by-step instruction for the administrator

Log in to Identity Manager Admin
  1. Log in to Identity Manager Admin as administrator. Default login credentials are username: admin, password: admin.

    It is recommended to change the password for the administrator user.

Upload the add-on CSV package

To upload the package in the Identity Manager Admin:

  1. In Identity Manager Admin, select the Configuration file tab.
  2. Click Upload configuration
  3. Click Select file and add the path to the file.
  4. Click Upload.
Change the Create user process

The Quick search>User>Create User process in Identity Manager Operator must be changed:

  1. In Identity Manager Admin, go to Home > Identities > Users > General.
  2. Change the Process to "Create user". 
  3. Click Save.
Set options

There are options that can be set for many of the use cases. These are described here: Users add-on CSV - Options.

  1. Set the options that need to be changed from the default values.

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