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View order history in Nexus GO Cards

In Nexus GO Cards order portal 1.0, you can view and manage your previous orders, for example view status, repeat an order and block or activate a card. 


You must be a User in Nexus GO Cards. 

View order history

  1. Click Previous orders
  2. Select ID cards, for personal cards or other single orders. To search, enter any search criteria and click Search. Select an order to view and manage the details: 
    1. To repeat an order, for example for an expiring or a lost card, click Repeat this order
    2. To block or activate the card in the portal, click Block/Activate card to toggle the status. 

      Blocking a card only sets it to blocked status internally in the card order portal. There is no connection from the order portal to your actual access control system.

    3. To erase personal data when the card has been produced, click Request removal of personal data. The data is then removed from the order history and the backend systems. 
      For more information, see GDPR statement for Nexus GO Cards.
  3. Select Batch orders, for non-personal cards or other batch orders. To search, enter any search criteria and click Search. Select an order to view the details. 

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