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Release note Smart ID 23.04.18

Release date: 2024-04-26

This release provides updates, improvements, and bug fixes to ensure high quality and security. 

Updates for the Smart ID Identity Manager component are included in this release. 

Smart ID Identity Manager 23.04.18

Release date: 2024-04-26


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In Identity Manager Self-Service, the processes that appear on the dashboard are now explicitly defined. For more information, see Configure tasks (processes) in Smart ID Self-Service and Upgrade Smart ID Identity Manager from 23.04.16 to 23.04.18.


Content Security Policy headers for all Identity Manager applications have been improved.


Added system property restrict the Process Tracker output to specific task types. See Enable Process Tracker in Smart ID Identity Manager for more information.


Security Update for Postgres JDBC driver.


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There was an issue with card encodings with Smart ID Desktop App with Secure Key injection. When the same encoding contained change PIN and SKI key archival/recovery, it failed. This has been fixed in Identity Manager 23.04.18 and Smart ID Desktop App

See Release notes Smart ID Desktop App 1.13.x.

Other components in Smart ID

Digital Access 

This release does not contain any specific updates for the Digital Access component.

Physical Access 

This release does not contain any specific updates for the Physical Access component.

Smart ID Messaging 

This release does not contain any specific updates for the Smart ID Messaging component.

Upgrade Smart ID

For information about upgrading, see Upgrade Smart ID

Specfic upgrade instructions for 23.04.16 to 23.04.18

Explicitly define processes in Identity Manager Admin

The processes which should appear in the Self-Service on the start page or dashboard, or as pre-login processes, must now be explicitly defined in Identity Manger Admin. This should be migrated automatically with the database update. If a process is missing in Self-Service, verify that the process is defined in the list in "IDM Admin - Processes - Show in SelfService Dashboard". If it is not defined, add the process and save the changes.

As the precondition, the following applies: the processes must contain at least one role or user with the Permission "Show in SelfService".

Smart ID compatibility

Compatibility table

Smart ID 23.04.18 is compatible with the following component versions: 

Smart ID deployment configuration

For information about the deployment configuration, see Smart ID deployment configuration release note.

Contact and support

For information regarding support, training, and other services in your area, visit Nexus offers maintenance and support services for Smart ID components to customers and partners.

For more information, go to Nexus Technical Support or contact your local sales representative.

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