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Resources in Digital Access

The information gathered on these pages can be found under the Manage Resource Access tab in the Smart ID Digital Access component administration interface.

In Digital Access, you register applications, folders, files, and URLs – everything users need remote access to – as web resources (web enabled applications), tunnel resources (client-server applications that are not web enabled) or customized resources

Several of the most frequently used resources are collected as standard resources. The purpose of this is to simplify the configuration.

Some important usages for web resources are:

Resource host

A resource host is the computer where the resource is deployed. A resource host is identified through its unique IP address or DNS name. A web resource host or customized resource host can have one or several paths connected to it.

Tunnel resource

For tunnel resources, the access client creates a secure encrypted network tunnel between the user device and the tunnel resource.

Access rules

You can protect the resources with access rules, authorization settings and encryption levels to create seamless, secure access control.

Single sign-on

Users access the resources via the web-based Digital Access portal, or directly in a web browser using shortcuts. You can collect resources that share logon credentials in Single Sign-On (SSO) domains, allowing users to enter their credentials once to access several resources. For added security, you can place the SSO functionality itself under access control.

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