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Set up Nexus GO cards layout template for Identity Manager

This article is valid for Smart ID 22.04 and later.

This article describes how to set up the service Nexus GO Cards for Smart ID Identity Manager.



In docker-compose.yml (under SYSTEM_PROPERTIES) configure the following values. This has to be done for Identity Manager Admin (for selecting layouts and map input fields) and for Identity Manager Operator (for ordering cards).

caasCommunicationService.hostname": "${IDM_CAAS_HOSTNAME}

You must add proper values for clientIdclientSecret and organisationId in order to be able to authenticate and send requests to the Nexus GO API. hostname is optional, but if used, it shall have the value ""



If you can not see Nexus GO Cards Layouts in the admin home tree, you have to expand the Administrator roles:

  1. In Identity Manager Admin, go to Home > Roles.

  2. Double click on Administrator.

  3. Select the Nexus GO Cards Layouts checkbox and click Save.

Step-by-step instruction

Select name and layout

Select name and layout
  1. In Identity Manager Admin, go to Home > Nexus GO Cards Layouts.

  2. Click New to create a new layout (caas = cards as a service = Nexus GO Cards).

  3. Enter a unique name for the layout.

  4. Select a layout from the available list of Nexus GO cards layouts in the drop-down menu.

  5. Click Save+Edit.

The name and layout can not be changed later.

Set up Nexus GO card template

  1. In Identity Manager Admin, go to Home > Cards.

  2. To add a new Nexus GO card template:

    1. Click New. Enter Name and Description.

    2. Choose a Data pool.

    3. Click Save+Edit.

  3. Select a State Graph from the selection box. New tabs are displayed, one for each state in the connected state graph. Each tab needs at least a default form to be configured.

  4. In the General tab, configure the card panel:

    1. Select Card from Nexus GO Cards as Credential Material. You will get all available Nexus GO Cards layouts.

    2. Select None as Production Component.

  5. Select a layout from the Available Nexus GO Cards Layouts list and drag-and-drop it to Nexus GO Cards Layout.

    1. To edit a layout, click the pen.

    2. To delete a layout, click the bin.

  6. In the Permissions tab, you add permissions.

  7. Click Save. If any mandatory settings are missing, an error message will be shown. Otherwise, there will be a message saying "Successful saving".

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