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Smart ID 20.11 configuration release note

This article describes the updates in the Smart ID configuration files for the Smart ID 20.11 release




Simplified issuing of virtual smart cards and mobile virtual smart cards 

In the processes Provisioning certificate to virtual smartcard and Install certificates on mobile ID, the selection of certificates is now predefined with hidden fields in the form. The form to recover encryption certificates will appear, only if a service task found valid or active encryption certificates.

For more information, see: 


Improved locking process for virtual smart cards and mobile virtual smart cards

In the processes Lock virtual smartcard and Lock mobile ID, the user must first enter a valid reason to revoke a mobile ID or a virtual smart card. If the object has a related encryption certificate, a check box is shown and can be checked to revoke the encryption certificate. 

For more information, see: 


New lookup table for countries

The data pool Country has been changed from an external data source to an internal data source, of the type lookup table.


New process to create non-personal visitor card

A production method has been added, to produce a card directly after the definition of card requests.

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