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Synchronize users from CSV file to Identity Manager

Use case scenario

An operator wants to synchronize users from a CSV file into Identity Manager.

This article describes how to synchronize users from a CSV file into Smart ID Identity Manager.


Step-by-step instruction for the administrator

Prepare the CSV file
  1. The format of the CSV file must include all the fields in the data pool in this exact order (if not using a header):

    FirstName;LastName;UserName;CN;UPN;Email;UserNumber;User type;User status;Comment;Reason;Template;Organizational unit;Organization;ObjectGUID

  2. Leave empty fields missing, but the entry should still exist.

  3. Do not leave blank spaces before or after the delimiter.

    Example: CSV file


  4. Upload the CSV file on the server so that Identity Manager has access to it (if using Docker you must create a volume).

Log in to Identity Manager Admin
  1. Log in to Identity Manager Admin with your administrator account.

Do settings in Identity Manager Admin
  1. Set the path to the CSV file in Identity Manager Admin:

    1. In Identity Manager Admin, go to Home > Data Pools > CSV Users.

    2. In the Data source tab, insert the path of the CSV file from the server in the File Name field.

    3. Select the Delimiter. In the example above it is ; (semi colon).

  2. To modify the settings, see "Options" below.

Schedule the synchronization

To set up scheduling of the synchronization:

  1. In Identity Manager Admin, go to Home > Batch Synchronization.

  2. Select Synchronize CSV users to Identity Manager.

  3. To adjust the scheduler, type the appropriate cron expression in Expression to schedule the job.

  4. Click Save

  5. To see this update in Identity Manager Operator, you must click Clear cache in the in Identity Manager Operator UI.

Use case details

Overview and technical details

Use case description

As a administrator I want to sync users via CSV file.


  • Synchronized users in Identity Manager

  • The user's information is mapped in the right fields of the user's data pool

  • User is assigned the Operator, Approval and Self-Service roles

  • Users final state is active/inactive (by default = active)

  • The Source field is filled with the value CSV

Symbolic name of batch synchronization


Name of batch synchronization

Import users from CSV

Symbolic name of the process


Process name

Batch sync create user


Synchronize CSV users with Identity Manager

Process start

Batch synchronization


About the options
Set the user's end state

Option: Set the user's end state

Add uniqueness check

Option: Add uniqueness check

Additional information

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