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Print PIN/PUK letters in Certificate Manager

This article describes how to print PIN/PUK letters. This task is done in the Secure Printer (SP) in Certificate Manager.


This task requires that

  • The Secure Printer (SP) is running.

  • The officer has the following role:

    • Manage PIN letters

  • If the CM system is configured to use the domain feature, the officer must have access to the related token procedure.

  • A search for PIN/PUK letters have been done, see Search for PIN/PUK letter in Certificate Manager.

Change printer settings

You can change the printer settings for Secure Printer. These settings are normally made once after the installation of the Secure Printer client on a computer.

You do these settings in the operating system.

Print PIN/PUK letters

PIN/PUK letters containing split PINs cannot be printed by the same officer. They require printing by two independent officers.

  1. There is a list of PIN/PUK letters visible in the Search window of the SP application from a previous search operation, see Search for PIN/PUK letter in Certificate Manager

  2. Select the PIN/PUK letter(s) to be printed from the list. Press the Ctrl key and then click the letters or use Ctrl+A to select all letters in the result pane.

  3. Click Print letters.

  4. The Give print job description dialog box opens. Enter a suitable description, which can be helpful when searching for the letters in the future.

  5. Click OK. The Print dialog box opens.

  6. Select the printer and modify the printer settings if needed.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Enter your signature PIN code and click OK.

  9. Continue with Confirm printing of PIN/PUK letters in Certificate Manager to complete the printing operation.

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