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Search for PIN/PUK letter in Certificate Manager

This article describes how to search for a PIN/PUK letter. This task is done in the Secure Printer (SP) in Certificate Manager.


This task requires that:

  • The Secure Printer (SP) is running.

  • The officer has the following role:

    • Manage PIN letters

  • If the CM system is configured to use the domain feature, the officer must have access to the related token procedures.

  • PIN/PUK letters have been created as described in Create PIN/PUK letter in Certificate Manager.

Search for PIN/PUK letter
  1. In the SP user interface in Certificate Manager, enter search criteria as described below. Click Clear to clear all the search criteria before you start entering new ones.

  2. Click Search. The result pane lists all PIN/PUK letters that match the search criteria.

  3. Continue with one of these tasks:

    1. Sort PIN/PUK letters in Certificate Manager

    2. Print PIN/PUK letters in Certificate Manager

    3. Confirm printing of PIN/PUK letters in Certificate Manager

    4. Remove PIN/PUK letters in Certificate Manager

Search criteria

You can use any combination of the following search criteria in your search. You can use these wild cards:

  • % or * to replace one or more characters.

  • _ to replace a single character.


Drop-down list, select one of these options:

  • <any> - all letters independent of status.

  • New - new letters that have been created but not yet printed. (This status is set by the system.)

  • Sent - letters that have been sent to the printer but not yet confirmed.

  • Not Printed - letters that have been sent to the printer but the printing has failed for some reason and, therefore, the letter status has been confirmed by an office as not printed.

  • Printed - letters that have been printed successfully and afterwards confirmed by an officer.

Token serial number

A number that is allocated when the smart card or soft token is personalized. See Issue smart card certificate in Certificate Manager.

PIN letter ID

The number printed on the PIN/PUK letter, and which is used to reference the PIN and PUK in the database when a smart card or soft token is personalized.

Batch name

Allocated to a group of letters when their collective printing is initiated.

Token procedure

The name of the token procedure.

Letter History

 Check to extend the search criteria to include information about previous actions concerning PIN/PUK letters.

  • From and To - dates, (in the format yyyy-mm-dd), between which the searched actions took place.

  • Letter status - during its lifetime, a PIN/PUK letter will pass various statuses. Use this to track which status a letter has had in the past.

  • Officer - the officer responsible for the action(s) in the past.

  • Print job description - the job description associated with an initiated printing of letters.

Advanced search

Check to extend the search possibility even further. The following advanced search criteria will appear in the pane:

  • Card status - the card status value that has been set for the card(s). (The CM SDK must be used to set a card status.)

  • Printed count - the number of times a print action has been initiated and confirmed for the letter(s). The value can be given as a fixed number, a value greater or less than (using < or >) or an interval (for example, 3-5).

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