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Enable secure authentication for working from home

For organizations that already use Smart ID Digital Access component and want to enable their employees to work from home, mobile two-factor authentication with Smart ID Mobile App is a good option. It is highly convenient and secure and allows getting started quickly.  

For more information, see Smart ID Mobile App authentication.

Get started with Smart ID Mobile App for your Digital Access users

For the IT administrator

To get your organization up and running with mobile identities for two-factor authentication to local and cloud resources, do the following: 

  1. Activate Smart ID Mobile App as a method in Digital Access, see Set up Smart ID authentication.
  2. (Connect to resources, preferably using SAML), see Resources in Digital Access.
  3. Send an email to Nexus' support and request an API key for the organization:
  4. Use the API key to connect to Hermod, see Set up Smart ID Messaging in Digital Access.
  5. Enable self-service for users, see Enable Smart ID Mobile App self-service in Digital Access.

For the end user

For you as an end user to get started with mobile identities for two-factor authentication: 

  1. Download the Smart ID Mobile app from App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.
  2. To activate Smart ID Mobile App authentication: 
    1. Go to the Digital Access portal.
    2. Select Smart ID Mobile App authentication.
    3. Click New Device?
    4. Authenticate with requested credentials, for example username and password.
    5. Click Confirm to start provisioning.
    6. Scan the QR code that is displayed in the browser or sent via SMS/email.

For more information and videos, see Get started with Smart ID Mobile App.

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