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Add user storage in Digital Access

This article describes how to add a user storage in Smart ID Digital Access component.



Add user storage

  1. Log in to Digital Access Admin with an administrator account.

  2. Digital Access Admin, go to Manage Accounts and Storage.

  3. Click User Storage > Add User Storage Location...

  4. Select type of directory service from the list and click Next.

  5. Enter settings for the user storage location, see example below. For help, click the ?-sign. If LDAP channel binding is enabled, tick Use SSL and upload the SSL certificate of the AD, see Add certificate authority in Add certificates. The SSL certificate must have the DNS name used as subject or SAN attribute in order to be valid. 
    Special rules apply for Password change enabled and Password reset enabled, for more information, click the ?-sign. See also Enable self-service password handling.

  6. Click Save.

Example: Settings for user storage

Display Name: AD-users


Secondary host: (if needed)

Port: 636

Account: HAG_accountoperator

Password: (Password for the account)

Timeout: 15

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