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Import and edit BPMN processes in Identity Manager

This article describes how to import and edit BPMN processes in Identity Manager Admin.

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) processes are responsible for handling the user data, that is, they can read data objects from internal or external data sources, edit, transform and write them back and transport them between the individual process steps (tasks).

Identity Manager supports BPMN 2.0 standard.


  • A BPMN Design tool, for example the Nexus Activiti Designer, which is provided together with Identity Manager.

  • Log in to Identity Manager Admin as an admin user.

Import BPMN process

  1. In Identity Manager Admin, go to Home > Process Import.

  2. To import a process:

    1. Click +New.

    2. Click Upload, locate the process definition and click Open.

    3. Click Save + Edit. The name and ID of the process are formed from the information in the import file.

The process name is displayed as a reference in the command panel and in the Open Tasks tab of Identity Manager. You can optionally add a description and upload an image that will be displayed next to the process name in the command panel. You can also write a process-specific help text that will be displayed via the Help button in the command panel of Identity Manager.

Configure process steps

To configure the process steps (tasks):

Only the task's attributes can be modified, not the structure of the process.

  1. In the Task List tab, add a description to the task under Description. The description can be entered in more than one language using the symbol.

  2. Under Attributes, configure the data processing and user interaction that is to take place in this step. You can enable the editor function with the EDIT button (pen). The attributes that can be set in the Task Editor depend on the type of selected task. A detailed description can be found in Set up process in Identity Manager.

  3. The entire BPMN process can be displayed graphically using the Preview button. Use the adjusted button to zoom in.

  4. In the Permissions tab, allocate individual users and roles permissions to Delete or Update the process definition in Identity Manager Admin and to start the process in Identity Manager or – in a workflow – perform individual tasks.

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