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Release note Digital Access component 6.0.2

Version: 6.0.2

Release Date: 2020-09-23


Smart ID Digital Access component 6.0.2 has been released today.

Important notes on this release

  • Hybrid Access Gateway is now called Smart ID Digital Access and is deployed with Docker containers.
  • You must extend the disc size of the second partition before you can upgrade to version 6.0.2. For instructions, see Upgrade Digital Access component, heading "Additional steps for a specific version",

  • All Java services uses OpenJDK 11. With OpenJDK 11, full certificate chain is needed for TLS connection. 
    That means that the full certificate chain has to be uploaded as Certificate Authorities to Digital Access in order to connect to service via SSL. This includes SAML federations, external authentication methods, etc.
    Failing to do so will result in SSL errors in system logs and reduced or disabled functionality.
  • HSM will not work after upgrade to Docker appliance.

Detailed feature list


Jira ticket noDescription

Core dump files are enabled by default

Previously, core dump files for the Access Point where not enabled by default. This had the disadvantage that a crash was not recorded at the first occurrence. This setting is now enabled by default.


Support for Freja Organisation eID

With Digital Access you can now use Freja Organisation eID for authentication. This was integrated in the existing Freja authentication method. Furthermore, it is now possible to request user attributes from Freja together with the authentication. For more information, refer to the help pages of the Freja authentication method in Digital Access Admin. See also Freja eID in Digital Access and Set up Freja eID authentication in Digital Access.


Digital Access complies with changes of Swedish eID framework specifications

Digital Access will no longer require a -sigmessage in the authentication context in order to display the signing message to the user. 

Furthermore, a new attribute signMessageDigest was introduced in the response sent by Digital Access to prove that the signing message has been displayed to the user. Read more here: Use authentication methods in Digital Access for signing over SAML.

Corrected bugs

Jira ticket noDescription

No user details are available in Freja over XPI.


If Distribution Service is down, Administration Service does not come up.


Template Not Found warning appears in admin system log for Freja authentication method.


Display Name attribute is not loading correctly when using Freja or OpenID Connect authentication method.


Upgrade to Digital Access version 6.0 failed caused by Distribution Service.

Release announcement

For upgrading, see heading "Additional steps for a specific version" in Upgrade Digital Access component from 6.0.2 to 6.0.3.

End of Sales statement

Refer to Supported versions of Digital Access component.

End of Life statement

Refer to Supported versions of Digital Access component.


Contact Information

For information regarding support, training and other services in your area, please visit our website at


Nexus offers maintenance and support services for Digital Access component to customers and partners. For more information, please refer to the Nexus Technical Support at, or contact your local sales representative.

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