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Questions and answers about Nexus Support

Here are some questions and answers regarding the new support system from Nexus.

Can we move passwords to the new site?

We can not move passwords to the new site (double encryption and obfuscation) so new credentials will be sent to you.

Do I need to re-activate my Smart ID Mobile App?

Yes, you will have to re-activate Smart ID Mobile App.

How do I get the One-Time Password (OTP)?

The OTP will be sent to your mobile number if we have it registered, otherwise to your email.

Can support tickets be migrated?

If you have tickets you want migrated please let us know. Migrated tickets will contain all information (description, files, solutions, tasks etc).

What happens when tickets have been migrated?

For migrated tickets, agents will send you an email from the new ticket that you can respond to, since the ticketing system is different.

Can I still access OTRS after the change?

OTRS will be available between 1-3 moths after the change.

Can I keep the history about my tickets in OTRS?

You can export your tickets in OTRS as a PDF file if you want to keep the history. See "How do I print a list of my current tickets in OTRS?"

How do I print a list of my current tickets in OTRS?

To print a list of your current tickets in OTRS to a file

  1. Log in to the OTRS system.

  2. Go to the Search tab and select the file format in Output to.

  3. Click Search. A file is created with an overview of your current tickets.

To print information about a specific ticket

  1. Go to the Tickets tab and select the ticket.

  2. In the ticket itself, press Ctrl+P and select Save as PDF to save the text (and included pictures if there are any) in a PDF file. You can also click Print... in the Browser menu.

    If you click the Print symbol in the upper right corner (see the screenshot above), instead of Ctrl+P or Print..., only text will be printed, not pictures.

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